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Artist Statement

My love for art has been with me since childhood. Over the past few years, I have finally settled down and dedicated myself to observing, studying, and creating works of art. I am enthusiastic about various forms of art, especially the natural and free expression found in watercolour painting.


This exhibition is my first solo art show, featuring over 40 of my beloved watercolour paintings. Most of these pieces are inspired by the natural scenery of Hong Kong and other cities in China, aiming to convey the beauty of the East through Western watercolour techniques. In particular, several paintings are focused on Hong Kong, reflecting my journey into the country parks, natural trials, islands, and fishing villages. With these paintings, I hope to showcase a different charm of Hong Kong and enable everyone to experience the tranquility and scenic beauty beyond the bustling cityscape.


The theme of this exhibition is "From Paintings to Poems", with each painting accompanied by a Chinese poem. These poems were all written by my father based on the contents of the paintings. He used traditional Chinese poems to reveal the essence of every piece. By appreciating the paintings while reading the poems in the same breath, one can deeply sense the artistic conception and charm within. The watercolour paintings and traditional poems complement each other, offering a shared visual and spiritual experience. This collaboration not only represents the cooperation between my father and me, but also serves as a bridge between different artistic systems, blending modernity with traditional cultural values. I believe that the perception and thought of art can connect our hearts and minds from different eras and backgrounds, and I will continue to explore and pass on this love for art.


About the Artist

Daisy Dai

Daisy Dai was born in Tianjin and currently resides in Hong Kong. She has a passion for art and has been practicing drawing and painting since childhood. Daisy holds a bachelor's degree in Commerce from University of Ottawa and a master's degree in Financial Risk Management from Simon Fraser University. While working in Hong Kong for many years, she still maintains a strong enthusiasm for art. She published a picture book in 2015 and collaborated with an educational institution for illustration work.


In 2017, Daisy left the financial industry and pursued her childhood dream by establishing her own studio. She dedicates herself to art creations and also teaches art using different mediums.  She is currently a member of the Hong Kong Artists Association, a member of International Watercolor Society Hong Kong, an active member of Federation of Canadian Artists, and an associate of Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour. Her artworks have been exhibited and awarded in both domestic and international exhibitions.


Daisy specializes in watercolour painting. She loves the transparent texture of watercolour and enjoys the feeling of pigments naturally flowing on paper. She often goes into nature for inspiration, capturing the beauty of nature and life with her paintbrush.


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